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   $50,000.00 in    Prizes!
Draw Date: February 14th, 2021 at City Hall, Bathurst
Lottery Ticket

Lottery Ticket


   $50,000.00 in Prizes!   

About the lottery

The Nepisiguit Sport lodge Snowmobile Club is asking all members and industry participants to support this new lottery fund raiser. This lottery will replace our fund raising suppers held at the lodge on Wednesdays throughout the winter. The suppers are on hold for 2021 until the Covid 19 Virus regulations change to allow full attendance inside our Lodge. The Lodge will remain open this winter for regular service under COVID 19 GUIDELINES.

Where do Funds go?

With the huge amount of grooming we do each year we have relied on fund raisers to subsidize our grooming and trail maintenance costs. We groom well over 2,000 hours each year, which is the highest by far in the province. These fundraisers were in the form of our famous Wednesday Night Suppers, two other events such as the Famous Danny Burger Run & our Wings & Mussels Fest and lastly our lodge Sponsored Signage & Web Site Ads. These events bring in a total of $45,000.00. 

The price per ticket

Considering the above factors the club has decided that the only way that we can replace these fund raisers is by having a lottery. Here are some details on the lottery:
We are planning on selling 1000 tickets at $100 per ticket and we feel that with over 1400 member this would not be a hard sell plus the fact that we will be selling to the local public as we have a very loyal base here in the vicinity of Bathurst.


The prize structure

The prize structure will be on a 50 – 50 draw with the winning tickets getting the full 50% in cash only and the second 50% to the club which will include all expenses such as ticket printing plus advertising. We decided there will be cash prizes only due to the fact that our corporate sponsors are going through the same dilemma. 

The draw date

The draw will be made on February 14th  2021 at Bathurst City Hall or the KC Irving Center. The prizes will be prorated in the event all 1000 tickets are not sold maintaining a 50/50 split.

Prize Structure

  • 1st      $25,000.00

  • 2nd    $10,000.00

  • 3rd     $5,000.00

  • 4th     $1,000.00

  • 5th     $1,000.00

  • 6th     $1,000.00

  • 7th     $500.00

  • 8th     $500.00

  • 9th     $500.00

  • 10th   $500.00

  • 11th     $500.00

  • 12th    $500.00

  • 13th    $300.00

  • 14th    $300.00

  • 15th    $300.00

  • 16th    $300.00

  • 17th     $300.00

  • 18th     $300.00

  • 19th     $300.00

  • 20th    $300.00

  • 21st      $100.00

  • 22nd    $100.00

  • 23rd     $100.00

  • 24th    $100.00​

  • 25th    $100.00

  • 26th    $100.00

  • 27th    $100.00

  • 28th    $100.00

  • 29th    $100.00

  • 30th    $100.00

  • 31st      $100.00

  • 32nd    $100.00

  • 33rd     $100.00

  • 34th     $100.00

  • 35th     $100.00

  • 36th     $100.00

$50,000.00 in Prizes!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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